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Meet Carla J Griffin

Carla J Griffin is an award-winning artist from Grants Pass, Oregon. Griffin works primarily in pastel and oils, with a variety of subjects from still life and portraits of people to landscapes rendered in styles from realism to impressionism. Fearless, she also offers a fine collection of pure abstract paintings. Carla might be considered an emerging artist, yet her work has turned the heads of art show judges, jurors and critics since she began exhibiting her work, and gains more attention with each new exhibition. To learn more about Carla, read her bio information, mission statement, current associations and gallery representation, and to know who she’s studied with, please visit her About page.

Griffin’s classical training as an artist has provided the strong foundation from which her art continues to grow. Shown below is a charcoal drawing that illustrates her technical skill better than words can describe. This piece is in a category all its own and the original is no longer available, but giclee prints in the same size as the original can be ordered from the artist.

Skull, 11” x 11” Charcoal drawing of a human skull shown from the right side, in profile, by artist Carla J Griffin of Grants Pass, Oregon

Skull, 11” x 11” charcoal drawing by Carla J Griffin

Above: Artist Carla J Griffin with her painting “Emerald Lake.” Emerald Lake won the Pastel Society Award of Distinction in 2015, going on to win Best in Show at the Josephine County Artists Association show later the same year. In January 2016 the painting received a ribbon at the Southern Oregon Society of Artists critique. To see the talent with color, composition and emotional content that Carla has honed with ongoing study and consistent practice, continue down to the next section for links to her portfolio galleries.

Oil Paintings

Shown above is “Maass,” a commissioned portrait in oil on canvas by Carla J Griffin. This painting won a blue ribbon for Best Painting of the Year in the Southern Oregon Society of Artists 2015 year-end juried critique. To see Carla’s collection of oil paintings in its entirety, please click the image or the title above.

Pastel Paintings


Carla is not inhibited by her training as many artists find themselves. Her mastery of medium, keen eye and accurate hand have given her the freedom to play with pure abstraction. This artistic play has yielded a large collection of abstract paintings in a wide range of hue and value that will compliment any décor scheme.

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