Oil Paintings

Carla J Griffin’s oil paintings have won numerous awards, a testimony to Griffin’s keen eye for color, composition and strong forms. Her accuracy has landed her many portrait commissions. Her classical training and skill has also led to mouthwatering still life paintings of food so realistic you’d think they’re edible! The pieces in this gallery are arranged by landscapes, portraits, and still life. Many of the paintings have been sold, but giclee prints are available from the artist upon request. Please click each image to see the entire painting and its details. Once you see the enlarged image, you can scroll through the rest by clicking the arrows on either side of the screen.

Oil Paintings by Carla J Griffin

When not on display in a gallery exhibition, Carla J Griffin’s oil paintings are available directly from the artist. Giclee prints of all her works are available upon request. If you have any questions or would like to inquire about purchasing an original painting or a print, please contact Carla on her Contact page.